At the Canteen

Please note that our sausages are gluten free, so you can enjoy any of the items cooked on the BBQ, which include the following on a roll:

Sausage $3.50

Bacon & Egg $4.50

Bacon & Sausage $4.50

Egg & Sausage $4.50

The lot $5.50

The Comets Big Breakfast at $9.50 is available in the morning and is served on a plate with a knife and fork for those that arrive early and have missed breakfast. This includes 2 x sausages, 2 x eggs and a double serve of bacon with two slices of bread.

Our Coffee machine, which grinds coffee beans, is always ready to make that delicious cup any time, but especially in the morning when you arrive ($3.00), and this is great with our delicious muffins ($2.00) on a Friday night or Saturday morning.

We will be bringing Hot Chocolate (Cadbury) ($3.00) back soon for anyone interested.

Plenty of drinks, chocolate bars, confectionary and chips are also available.

Click on Canteen Prices for a full list of costs.