Things you will need

Scoring essentials are:

  • A lead pencil with an eraser to keep score in the scorebook 
  • A pen to write the final results on the results sheet.

The club will provide a Line Up Pad and a Score Book for the season in your team's kit.   Scorers are given the yellow line up sheet from the line up pad. 

Results Sheet - Pre-Live ball  or  Results Sheet - Live Ball

Scorers, the result sheet must include your team first and last names as well as the visiting team player names, including the final score. For live ball, as the home scorer, you must mark the players that sit out an inning if you have more than 9 players, to show that each player got fair play time.  Umpires and coaches must acknowledge results and results sheet.

When Result Sheet is complete, take a photo of the Results Sheet and email it Concord Baseball Results Coordinator no later than 6pm Saturdays so that the results can be posted on the RHBL website.

If you are new to the game and would like help with scoring or completing the results sheet - please email the our Concord Baseball Results Coordinator your details for a chat. 


  • Umpire to sight and approve final result sheet
  • Results sheet need not be signed
  • No sharing of pens or pencils
  • Where possible Scorers to maintain 1.5m physical distance from one another
  • Where 1.5m distance cannot be maintained, we ask scorers to wear a mask


Each team needs to provide one scorer for each game.

Training courses for all levels are provided throughout the year.

The NSW Baseball Scorer's Association website offers valuable help to scorers of all levels.

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