Ryde Hornsby Notices

Result sheets
Please ensure that Result Sheets are completed correctly, especially noting Number of Pitches thrown per Pitcher and Players on the Bench in each Inning. These are to be filled out after each game by the Home Team. The new style Sheets can be downloaded from the RHBL Website. The Result Sheet is the Official Record of the game and is required if a Score is disputed.

Base Coach Helmets
Can I remind all Clubs that Helmets for Base Coaches in LL Minor Teams must be worn, Rule 2.12.1. I understand that supplies of these “Lego” Helmets are scarce, so please wear them as soon as they arrive.

Injury Reports
Lastly a reminder that if a Player is injured in a game either a Match Report or an Injury Report MUST be submitted. These Forms can be downloaded from the RHBL Website.