Diamond Maintenance and Housekeeping

Reminder that:

First team to play on the day is responsible to set up Diamond, last team to play is responsible to pack up.

Dolorite areas around bases to be raked by team at the end of each game (even if there is a game following). Needs to be raked evenly and towards the centre of bases/home plate and to the top of pitchers mound. Never rake the areas outwards as it builds ridges around the outside of the area and is dangerous.

Gear in the container to be packed away neatly, do not block centre passage. Gear in sheds to be packed away neatly and zookas left on charge.

Teams need to pitch in to help mark diamonds from time to time. Need to mark out temporary diamond as the working bee was washed out.

Coaches and managers should get players and parents to help with, grounds, housekeeping and with coaching drills, parents need to get involved and take an interest in their kids sport.